Supercharge your Guapcoin


What is xGUAP?

XGUAP  is a BEP-20 wrapped token pegged 1 to 1 with Guapcoin residing on the Binance Smart chain. XGUAP is a release brought to you by the Founder of Guapcoin.

XGUAP’s primary focus is creating more accessibility, interoperability, and utility for Guapcoin. In this world of internet blockchains interoperability is a key requirement for Web3 access. 

Asset 1@4x

How To?

Necessary Steps

Step 1

Install a BSC ( Binance Smart Chain) compatible wallet like Metamask (XGUAP wallet coming soon)


Step 2

Visit our Smart Contract here and complete the form. 


Step 3

When you are ready to return to the Guapcoin Main Chain revisit the form again.