Frequently Asked Questions

What is $XGUAP

$XGUAP is a token on the Binance Smart Chain that is pegged one-to-one with $GUAP. It has a dynamic supply that is created with every Guapcoin deposit. 

How can $XGUAP be utilized?

$XGUAP can be traded on every Decentralized Exchange or Centralized Exchange. The holder can swap it back into the Guapcoin blockchain to acquire it’s intrinsic value. $XGUAP amplifies $GUAP’s use case by making it more widely available. 

Is $XGUAP a replacement for Guapcoin?

No – consider $XGUAP to be $GUAP’s assistant, opening the doors for more adoption.

Where can I find $XGUAP on the Binance Smart Chain
Can I trade $XGUAP on exchanges?

Yes you can, you can trade $XGUAP on Pancakeswap and other DEXs and CEXs as well.

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